Leather Care Guide

RAP BAG bags are made to last and we want to support you in the best possible way in taking care of yours.

In order to maintain your bag’s soft and supple texture, we would like to provide you with some simple steps to take care of your beloved bag to keep it waterproof, supple and luminous for a long time.

Natural Leather:

Some substances can leave permanent marks on leather- like oily products, lipstick and other make-up  and alcohol- based products. Keep leather away from humidity, heat and chemicals and protect it from rain and rough surfaces, which can scratch and damage it. For any serious damage, take leather items to a specialist leather dry cleaner. If leather should get wet, allow it to air dry at normal room temperature. Your RAP BAG is supplied with a dust bag, which is designed to help prevent dirt from collecting on the bag when it is not being used. 

Croco embossed leather:

Our Italian Croco Embossed Leathers are produced on soft calf skins and finished with a high shine polished finish. We recommend avoiding contact with rough and/or abrasive surfaces. For any serious damage take leather items to a specialist leather dry cleaner.

Saffiano Leather:

Saffiano Leather is genuine high-quality calf leather, made with a crosshatch print. The leather is coated with wax and the process provides water resistance and scratch resistance to the leather so that it protects and preserves it. Every two to three months, clean your Saffiano purse either with a soft damp cloth.

How to clean

Should your RAP BAG get very wet, wipe off any residual water as soon as possible and let it air dry naturally, away from sunlight and heat (no hairdryer!). Every now and then, clean your RAP BAG with a soft, slightly damp cloth.

How to Maintain

Every 2-3 months, nourish your RAP BAG with a leather conditioner containing fats and/or oils to restore moisture and improve the material’s look. This will keep your bag waterproof and ensure that the leather and colour continue to look their best.

How to Store

For longer storage, please avoid direct sunlight. Put your RAP BAG inside the dust bag and store it on a shelf in a low-light environment.

What not to do

Please stay away from products that contain alcohol or acetone, as they will cause severe damage to your leather bag by removing color from the material and leaving bleached spots. We also ask you to never put your RAP BAG in the washing machine. 

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